Something everybody can relate to

Stupid for you

Damn it’s amazing the stupid shit i’ll do for you. I wonder what is it about u that got me feeling this way. I mean i have to admit your dick game is on point. And the fact that your just sexy as fuck to me. Ugh. Y are u a priority in my mind and im just an option to you. I never been this way or felt like this b4. πŸ˜” I dont get it. You dont do shit for me. But i want to do everything for u without u asking me. Wtf is thatπŸ˜’ shit. This sucks like forreal. Straying away didnt work, i kept thinking about u and who u with. It dont help that u work with me. 🐬 I want to say i really like u. And it drive me nuts when i cant have u when i want u. I want to text u but i dont want to come off like a pest. U tell me u like me. But i heard u have an commit problem. Y are u so scared. Uhhh i dont care anymore. Im so stupid and a fool for u.

Its kinda of bad when ur in a relationship and u still feel alone


– When a woman feels that things in her relationship isnt right she knows. So if she ask please tell her the truth up front cause when that shit hit the fan and u had opportunites to tell her. U fucked

Have u ever heard of stupid love…. Yea i’m familiar to that old friend. Every different sound, walks, face, touch me and u still seem to run into each other. I don’t understand how i keep falling for u and i know ur whole purpose. U only temporay, u hurt more than u love. Constantly i feel used. But i have to keep finding out the hard way. Love doesnt love here so quit knockin. The thought of wanting to change u and help u better u is only a lie, just a waste of time. U rather lay up in a basic bitch pussy who left u b4. The same bitch who held ur child away from u 2yrs without u knowin about her. Such disguste. I cant help wonder y i prey for u that night, hard and i couldnt feel my face. To hurt of the thought u taking ur life away. Yea call that a woman who loves and cares for other. Lord knows who i am. But it seems who i am is blinded by the bs of wanting what im not ready for. I tell my lil cousin never cry over a guy who isnt gonna cry over u or put ur all into something that is a one way street. I’m a hypocrite of what i preach. DAMN!!!! I cant do this anymore. My heart is icy. Its so funny how i keep running into the same damn basterd. With many faces, with many lies. Its called you

He makes me feel a certain way that nobody else can. I really like it… Otd i sleep worth shit……!!!!

How can the feelings of hurt hurt u anymore than it did in the past. To me it all hurt the same. How can love feel different, to me it all feel the same. Sometimes i wonder how can a guy love one female than move on to the next and fall in love with her and repeat the same thing over again without pain. Its crazy when u believe that person can be the one when the life of ur heart dies for then after they hurt u more than one time… Huh tell me. Every hurt i experience was different because i loved them differently in different situations. Love is different when u love urself first b4 u can love someone else. Knowing ur worth and how u wanted to be treated is part of growning up. Every woman is priceless in God eyes. Worth more than rubys